Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

PLN 23

While reading blogs on the CNN website i can across an article that caught my eye at once, the article was posted as Study: Honey help's kids cough. The article was very interesting, it started out by saying a teaspoon of honey seems to help a kids cough sooth and help them sleep throughout the night. Also that for health purposes children under the age of 6 years old should NOT use cough or cold medicine because of the high risk health risks, and that parents with children of this age instead of giving them cough medicine they would advise parents to use honey. Except if you have a child of 1 years old or younger because of the obvious risk of them choking on such a thick substance, and suffocating to death.
This article is important to me because personally i don't like OTC (Over the counter) cough medicine or any type of cough and cold medicine because of the nasty taste and the fact it doesn't quite help. So from reading this next time i get a cough or a cold ill just take a teaspoon of honey or maybe more just because the stuff is so good!
This article is also important to the world because it could really help the kids of the world stay healthier, and reduce the amount of kids get even more sick by taking OTC drugs and other medicine .

Friday, November 16, 2007

PLN presentation 2 relfection

Today after presenting my 3 PLN's in front of the class i took some time to think about my presentation. After about a minute of thinking and reading every ones comments they left me, i concluded that I prepared for my presentation well, but to well. This is because i relied on my notes to much, by looking down at my paper repeatedly. All in all it was a good experience.

Friday, November 2, 2007

PLN 16

As usual i was reading through blogs deciding what sounds most interesting. As i went through the Cool Cat Teacher blogger, i came across a blog that i knew instantly would interest me. The tittle said What parents need to know about Xbox Live. The blog was actually quite amusing to me. The blog started off asking parents why are they complaining about students in school posting blogs, when they have no clue once they get home they start playing video games, and their precious little 8 year old annihilates a 40 year old at halo 3 unsupervised. It seems funny but if you think about it xbox live is an open place to extreme profanity, which would be way worse then them posting a harmless blog. I myself do play xbox live and have experienced what a 25 year old can say when there is a 9-11 year old playing with them, and i thought "wow this guy really doesn't care about what this kid is hearing. Should their be a age requirement for xbox live so young children don't have to experience this type of profanity?

Monday, October 29, 2007

PLN 15

Today while reading through a few blogs by Cool Cat Teacher, i came across an interesting title Playground Pain Limits Classroom Gain. As i read the article it started by saying how can we make sure kids are being safe with playground horseplay, especially with bullies at roam? Kids must be watched at all times of the day, and with out adults to watch them when their at play for their recess, whats going on with the bullies and if they are harming younger children and threatening them, how can they learn with them breathing down their necks?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

PLN 13

As i was going through some blogs, i decided to look through the Cool Cat Teachers blog. As i scrolled down the page a picture instantly caught my eye, it was a blog titled If My friend Scott, a double amputee can run an Ironman, whats your exercise . There was picture of a man who was running and it seemed as if instead of having calf's like most people, he had spring like legs attached to him right below the knee. This picture intrigued me enough that i instantly started to read the blog. It was a very interesting blog. A man of the name Scott Rigsby, 39. Rigsby started this whole thing by when he was a teenager and got into a truck accident, requiring him to get a double below the knee amputations. And nearly two years ago he decided to completely dedicate himself to test his limits in major triathlon races. He now is the 1st and only person in the world to complete a triathlon with two prosthetic legs. This amazing story made me think, If a man with two prosthetic legs can go out into the world and run/bike/swim a triathlon, why are we still sitting here getting fat and lazy? If he can do those things with fake legs, we have no excuse to stay at home and do nothing.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

PLN 11

In the Denver Post, an article stated that in Colorado Springs a board of Olympic board members will meet on Friday to discuss a proposal to provide a new office and living quarters for Olympic athletes. I think that this idea is a great idea for the city of Colorado Springs. This is because it will help raise the population and growth of Colorado, and show that statistics are right, we are the most "Fit" state in the U.S. and this proves it by saying we can hold a training center for Olympic athletes. All in all i think that this is a great idea.